Ghost Traffic Tool

We provide you with a software you can install on your desktop that allows you to “fake” traffic to your website.  We also provide you with a code snippet from Alexa that instantly notifies them of the traffic…”fake” and real.

Therefore, Alexa will think you have traffic when you actually don’t (yet).  The way it works is it runs a list of IP addresses through to your site and connects with it.

Alexa records that as a “hit” to your website.

We all know that Alexa ranks you based on how much traffic comes to your website.

Search engines take Alexa rank into consideration when they rank you.  The higher your Alexa rank, the higher your search engine rank.

This means REAL traffic will come.  It also allows you to also set a referrer, so you can say the traffic came from a certain source if you choose to.

You can limit how much traffic you want to “hit your site per hour, and also have a per session maximum.

This is an AWESOME way to boost your Alexa ranking, which in turn will make your site more relevant in Google’s eyes.

The tool includes  a scheduler to allow you to set how many times a day (exact times to run – unlimited each day), every day of the week.  So you can just, “set it and forget it”.